Austria Lotto Winning Numbers

Austria Lotto Winning Numbers – Austria Lotto is a 6 + 1 number lottery game. Players can win an amount of €5 Million Austria Lotto jackpot, for this, you need to match 6 main numbers.

Austria Lotto Winning Numbers – Overview

Lottery NameAustria Lotto Winning Numbers
Lottery Ticket Prize
Prize Money (Winner Prize)€5 Million Austria Lotto jackpot
Result declareonline or in local newspapers
Official website

Austria Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

25th September 2022
21st September 2022

Austria Lotto Jackpot History

The jackpot history tool makes changes in the biggest Austria Lotto jackpots over time. Players can use this tool for analyzing and predicting the next Austria Lotto jackpot.

Austria Lotto Number Generator

Using The Austria Lotto generator, users can get FREE lucky numbers for Austria Lotto draws. to be the part of Austria Lotto generator, you will have to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw your plan.

How to Play Austria Lotto

The Austrian Lotto game is held two times every week at 18.30 CET every Sunday and Wednesday. If you are the next lucky Austrian Lotto jackpot winner then you will have six winning numbers out of a possible 45.

Austria Lotto Rules

  • You will choose 6 numbers between 1 and 45.
  • You will select another extra number that should be selected between 1 and 45 for the main draw.
  • Users whose numbers are matched with all 6 winning numbers will be considered as the jackpot winner.
  • The results are announced online or in local newspapers.

Austria Lotto Prizes

The Austria Lotto prize contains 8 prize divisions. users can get the Austria Lotto jackpot are 1: 8,145,060 by matching 1 number.

1 Prize6€3,957,042.00
2 Prize5 + Bonus€32,132.90
3 Prize5€1,279.30
4 Prize4 + Bonus€124.80
5 Prize4€48.50
6 Prize3 + Bonus€13.90
7 Prize3€5.20
8 PrizeBonus€1.20

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