Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Lifetime stats, K/D ratio, earnings

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Lifetime stats, K/D ratio, earnings

Lokesh Karakoti is an Indian Free Fire Content Creator and also known as Pahadi. he is one of the most popular and top esports gamers in the country. Lokesh Karakoti also runs a YouTube Channel named Pahadi Gamer and Pahadi Gaming, having over 1.3 million fan followings. In this article, you will find Pahadi Gamer Free Fire ID and his stats including Lifetime stats, Ranked stats, K/D ratio, earnings, and so on.

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Overview

Free Fire ID147098967
Real NameLokesh Karakoti
Monthly Earning $571 – $9.1k 
Annual Income$6.8k – $109.6k
YouTube Channel Name– Pahadi Gamer
– Pahadi Gaming
AgeNot Available
PhotoGiven Below

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Lifetime stats

Squad Mode –

  • Pahadi Gamer has played 22035 matches and has received 5407 Booyahs. also, he has defeated 71206 players in Free Fire So far he has maintained a win rate of 24.53% and K/D ratio of 4.28.

Due Mode –

  • Pahadi Gamer has featured in 2034 matches and in which he has won 229 matches. he is having a win ratio of 11.25%. the YouTuber has accumulated 4420 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.45.

Solo Mode –

  • Lokesh Karakoti has appeared in 1673 solo games and defeated 5841 enemies in the game. also, he has maintained a win percentage of 16.49% and a K/D ratio of 4.18.

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Ranked stats

Squad Mode –

  • Pahadi Gamer has participated in 195 squad games and has got the victory in 39 matches. he has achieved a win ratio of 20.00%. in the current season, he has defeated 931 players with a kill-to-death (KD) ratio of 5.97.

Due Mode –

  • Not Played

Solo Mode –

  • Not Played

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Earning/ Income per Monthly/ Annual

  • According to the data of Social Blade Website, Pahadi Gamer’s estimated monthly and yearly earnings are between $554 – $8.9K and $6.6K – $106.3K, respectively from the YouTube Channel.
  • The SOCIAL BLADE RANK of Pahadi Gamer is 23,906th.

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: YouTube Channel

  • Channel was created on – July 1, 2020

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Photo/ face

pahadi gamer photo
pahadi gamer photo (Image: Instagram /pahadigaming)

Pahadi Gamer Free Fire: Social Accounts

Facebook – Click Here

Youtube – Click Here

Instagram – Click Here

Discord – Click Here

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