Pubg vs Free Fire

Pubg vs Free Fire

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are the most played and most popular battle royale genre games in the world. both games have left their footprints in the mobile gaming industry. The Developers have provided an action-packed experience for players who love to play BR titles. Indian Govt put a ban on PUBG Mobile in the country and Free Fire gained a significant increase in downloads.

In this article, we will compare Free Fire and Pubg to help you choose to play.

Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Which game has better performance


  • Free Fire has achieved a number of over 500 million downloads that shows this game has a massive following in the world and is most loved by the players.
  • However, PUBG Mobile has not achieved this significant number of downloads due to the ban in some countries. that is the reason the game has lost their players and have seen a drop in downloads.


  • In terms of graphics, PUBG Mobile is using Unreal Engine. Unreal Engin is very popular among PC gamers and delivers very smooth and realistic graphics for players. Unreal Engin needs a very stable internet connection to run the game smoothly. it also requires 5.1.1 version Android and at least 2 GB Memory.
  • Free Fire has been developed to play in low-end devices without any lag. Free Fire game offers an easy-to-use controls setup.


  • Free Fire is offering many characters to choose from and they keep on adding more regularly. Players can also choose two free characters: Evo & Adam. but, to unlock, players will have to spend the diamonds in game. Each character contains a special ability and can be upgraded by using it more often.
  • PUBG Mobile has not offered too many characters. players can choose their appearances as per requirements.

Battle Royale Mode

  • In PUBG Mobile, 100-players survive to get the winner-winner chicken dinner. PUBG Mobile has maps are Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar, Livik.
  • On the other hand, Free Fire offers a 50-player lobby with a smaller map to get the win. each match lasts within just 10-minutes of the play.


  • PUBG Mobile offers a list of vehicles including Buggy, UAZ, Motorcycle, Scooter, Tukshai, Dacia, Mirado, Minibus, Pickup, Rony, Aquarail, PG-117, and such vehicles contain about 40-100% of fuel.
  • In Free Fire, We can see limited vehicles to choose.

Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Overview

PointsFree FirePubg Mobile
1. DownloadsOver 500 Million downloadsOver 100 Million downloads
2. GraphicsSmooth graphics and
can be used at low-end
without any lag
Uses Unreal Engine that
requires a very stable
internet connection
3. CharactersMany Characters hardly any characters, but offers
in-game appearances
4. Battle Royale Mode50-player classic battle100-player classic battle
5. SizeAlmost 800 MBAlmost 1.5 GB

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