What is nudges in Google messages? How to access it

What is nudges in Google messages? How to access it – Google keeps introducing itself through new innovations and upgrades, applied to existing applications. Google messages introduced a unique feature called nudges to send replies and follow-up reminders in case the user forgets some important messages. The nudges have two types of alerts and are reply reminders to follow up after a certain time to messages individuals sent or received and birthday reminders to wish a contact their Happy Birthday. however, it doesn’t work on Android Go OS devices. it was introduced only for Android version L and up.

Users can activate the nudges feature by following the steps:

Step 1: Visit the Settings.

Step 2: Tap on the General tab.

How to access nudges in Google messages?

Step 1: Go to the suggestions section

Step 2: find the nudges feature.

Step 3: Under it, you will see options such as suggesting reply reminders and suggesting follow-up reminders.

Step 4: The first part allows the app to display messages at the top of the inbox if not responded to.

Step 5: The next option provided is self-explanatory in order to provide the messages that may need to follow up.

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